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The Everest of Christian Belief Part 2

The Everest of Christian Belief  Part 2 is a 11-week series delving into the book of Romans.  Inside this series, Bryant takes us through some of the most important and difficult components that make up the life of a Christian.

Faith, Hope and Love
April 15
A Man Who Lived by Faith
Romans 4:1-25
Bryant Wright
April 22
Hopeful Living
Romans 5:1-5
Bryant Wright
April 29
The Greatest Love
Romans 5:6-11
Bryant Wright
Freedom, Grace and Victory
May 6
One Blew It – One Saves the Day
Romans 5:12-21
Bryant Wright
May 13
Making Your Mother (& Father) Proud
Romans 5:20-21, 6:1-2 and 12-15
Bryant Wright
May 20
Who Owns You?
Romans 6:16-23
Bryant Wright
May 27
Romans 7:1-13
Thomas Nelson
June 3
Dang, I Did it Again
Romans 7:14-8:2
Bryant Wright
June 10
Hope Amidst Suffering
Romans 8:3-25
John Herring
June 17
Everything Happens for a Reason
Romans 8:26-30
Bryant Wright
June 24
If God be For US Who Can be Against Us?
Romans 8:31-38
Bryant Wright