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The Everest of Christian Belief Part 1

A 12-week series delving into the book of Romans.  Inside this series, Bryant takes us through some of the most important and difficult components that make up the life of a Christian.

January 15
Reflecting on 30 Years as Pastor While Looking to the Future
Romans 1:1-7
Bryant Wright
January 22
To The Neighborhood and the Nations
Romans 1:1-7
Bryant Wright
January 29
How to be Sure of Your Salvation
Romans 1:16-17
Bryant Wright
Serious Problems within Our Culture
February 5
When Homosexual Behavior is a Big Issue
Romans 1:21-27
Bryant Wright
February 12
America and Ancient Rome – So Much Alike
Romans 1:28-32
Bryant Wright
February 19
A Word to Christians Who Judge Non-Christians
Romans 2:1-11
Bryant Wright
February 26
A Heart for Missions
Romans 1:14-17
Dr. Tom Eliff
March 4
What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
Romans 1:18-20
Bryant Wright
March 11
Can You Be Born a Christian?
Romans 2:12-3:2
John Herring
March 18
Man’s Biggest Problem
Romans 3:3-23
Bryant Wright
April 1
Why Jesus Rode into Jerusalem
Romans 3:23-31
Bryant Wright
April 8
The Gospel in Drama
Romans 6:3-11
Bryant Wright