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Men on a Mission

God specifically made each of us different, as men and women, as well as with different gifts and personalities.  He did this in order that we can achieve the unique purposes He has planned for each of our lives.  This 6-week series, Men on a Mission, delves into Paul's 1st missionary journey, how God revealed Paul's mission to him, how He led him through the many difficulties and changes throughout this time in Paul's life and how all of it relates to today's church. 
This is a 6 week series.
A Terrorist Transformed
January 30, 2011
Bryant Wright
Acts 12:24-25 and 13:1-12
The Message of the Church
February 6, 2011
Bryant Wright
Acts 13:13-44
Changing Priorities
February 13, 2011
Bryant Wright
Acts 13:44-14:7
Looking for God in a Man
February 20, 2011
Bryant Wright
Acts 14:8-18
Missionary Testimonies
February 27, 2011
Bryant Wright
Getting Stoned Without Drugs
March 6, 2011
Bryant Wright
Acts 14:19-28