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Hot Topics

When you think of “Hot Topics,” you might initially think of movie star or a National Inquirer story. But, the reality is, we don’t have to look that far to find “Hot Topics” that affect us all.  This 7-week sermon series addresses the major issues that not only are in the news, but those that affect each of our lives in a real and personal way.


Hot Topics (7)
September 11, 2016
Refugee and Immigrants
Matthew 2:13-15 & Selected Texts
September 18, 2016
Race and Diversity
Galatians 3:28-29
Steven Bonham
September 25, 2016
Human Life
Genesis 1:24-31
Jason Dees
October 2, 2016
Political Correctness vs Biblical Truth

John 8:31-32

October 9, 2016
Sexual Liberty vs Religious Liberty
I Peter 2:11-17
October 23, 2016
Romans 13:1-10
November 6, 2016
Looking For a Savior in a President
I Samuel 8:1-22