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Great Stories

Great Stories
This 14-week series of how the many stories found in the Bible were not only applicable at the time they were written, but they give us beautiful illustrations of the timeless messages they contain for today. 

January 7       

Stories of Joy

Luke 15:1-10


January 14     

A Story of Forgiveness

Luke 15:11-24 (prodigal son)


January 21     

A Story of Self-Righteous Pride

Luke 15:25-32 (older son in the prodigal story)


January 28     

A Story of Jesus’ Example

Matt 3:13-14


Feb 4              

A Story of Hidden Treasure

Matt 13:44-46 (parable of hidden treasure)


Feb 11            

A Story of Deception

Matt 13:24-29, 36-43 (parable of wheat and tares)


Feb 18                        

A Story of Nationalism

Luke 10:25-37 Good Samaritan)

Thomas Nelson, Stephen Bonham, and Austin Baker


Feb 25            

A Story of Compassion

Matt 25:31-46 (v 40 is main focus)


March 4          

A Story of an Invitation to a Wedding Reception

Matt 22:1-14


March 11        

A Story of Great Debt or Another Story of Forgiveness

Matt 18:21-35


March 18        

A Story of Rejection

Matt 21:33-46