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Courageous Faith in an Unfamiliar Culture

It is clear that Daniel was a prophet. He was an interpreter of dreams, and God revealed through his interpretations His plans for the kingdoms that would rise to power in world history. Daniel predicted that far into the future, a final world governing empire would rise that would be like Rome, but different, in that it would consist of 10 kings, and then finally 1 king who would rise to power. The remaining king the Bible refers to as the antichrist.  At its consummation the Lord will return, He will crush the enemy, and set up a kingdom, an everlasting kingdom, which will never be destroyed. This 12-week series delves deeply into the book of Daniel, which consists of several parts, and will help us understand the end times with more clarity.


Part 1                        “Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar”, Daniel 1-4
Aug 6                         “Faith and Respect”
                                    Daniel 1
Aug 13                      “The Impossible Dream”
                                    Daniel 2
Aug 20                      “Courageous Faith” or “Real Faith”
                                  Daniel 3
Aug 27                      “Pride Comes Before the Fall” or “How the Mighty Fall”
                                  Daniel 4
Part 2                        “Daniel and Belshazzar”, Daniel 7, 5-8
Sep 3                         “A Dream of the Future”
                                   Daniel 7

Sep 10                       “The Writings on the Wall” or “A Knee-Knocking Experience”
                                   Daniel 5
Sep 24                       “Another Vision of Belshazzar”
                                   Daniel 8
Part 3                        “Daniel and Persia”, Daniel 6, 9-11
Oct 1                          “Lion Tamer” or “Sleeping with the Lions”
                                   Daniel 6
Oct 8                          “A Prayer for the Future” or “The Prayer of a Good Man”
                                    Daniel 9
Oct 15                       “Scared to Death”
                                   Daniel 10
Oct 22                       “The North vs. The South”
                                  Daniel 11
Part 4                        Use series title or “The End”, Daniel 12
Oct 29                       “The End”

                                   Daniel 12