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A Woman's View

When God created woman, He designed her to be uniquely different than a man, to be his partner and, in many ways, to "complete" him.  Sure, men and women share many of the same characteristics that are just part of being human, but there is no doubt that women see the world in a different way than men do.  This series delves into four different areas that will give insight into how a woman views herself, her family, and her work (both inside and outside of the home), as well as her emotional and spiritual life.

Beauty in a Woman
May 2, 2010
Bryant Wright
I Peter 3:1-6
A Woman’s Greatest Influence
May 9, 2010
Bryant Wright
II Timothy 1:5-6
A Great Career Woman
May 16, 2010
Bryant Wright
Acts 16:11-15
A Woman Drawn to Fame and Fortune
May 23, 2010
Bryant Wright
I Kings 10:1-13