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A Picture of Jesus Through Signs

One of the many ways Jesus taught was by His actions.  Through many miracles He performed during his brief ministry on earth, people were able to actually see [witness] signs that provided physical proof that He was truly the Son of God.  This is a 7-week series you don't want to miss.  
January 13
Sign #1: Jesus the Winemaker
John 2:1-11
Water into wine
Bryant Wright
January 20
Sign #2: Jesus the Healer
John 4:46-54
Healing of noblemen
Bryant Wright
January 27th
Sign #3: Jesus the Rule Breaker
John 5:1-17
Bryant Wright
February 3rd
Sign #4: Jesus the Provider
John 6:1-14
Bryant Wright
February 10
Sign #5: A Scary Encounter in a Storm
John 6:15-21
Bryant Wright
February 17
Sign #6: Seeing is Believing
John 9:1-41
Bryant Wright
February 24
Sign #7: Raising a Stinky Dead Man
John 11:1-46
Bryant Wright