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A Man to Model After Mostly

When God created man, he was charged with being the ultimate leader in a family. What does it take to be a real “man” – one that a child can learn from and look up to?  Sadly, since the beginning of time, mortal man has and will always fall short of God’s perfect creation because sin entered the world.  However, even though the only true “leader” we can follow is God the Father, this series delves into important ways in which a man can learn to be the best he can be.

July 2  What God Looks for in a Man
I Samuel 16:1-13

July 9 When Enough is Enough (Thomas Nelson)
I Samuel 17

July 16 Respecting Authority Even When It's Not Earned (Steven Bonham)
I Samuel 24

July 23 Keeping a Promise Even When It's Not Easy (Thomas Nelson)
II Samuel 9