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Ok, so we’re not really asked these questions frequently, but we thought these were questions we’d want to know if we were placing an order.

When do you ship orders?

We fulfill orders Monday thru Thursday. So if you place your order on Sunday thru Wednesday, we’ll ship it the following day. Otherwise, it will be shipped on Monday.

What shipping method do you use?

We ship via the US Postal Service.

Do you offer overnight delivery?

Not at this time.

Can I order individual sermons?

No, we only sell the entire series. Individual sermon MP3 files can be downloaded for FREE. Visit our sermon archive page.

Can I order Bryant’s current sermon series?

Since we only sell entire sermon series as a set, the current sermon series will not be available for us to ship until after the series has ended. However, you may pre-order the current series.

Do you sell sermon transcripts?

Currently, we do not sell transcripts of sermons.

Do you sell DVDs of the sermon?

Yes, in most series, we sell both the CD and DVD formats.