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  • We Are

    We Are   Pastor Bryant Wright covers the the core values of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church 8 sermons in this series: Jan 8                        ...

    $40.00 - $75.00

  • Hot Topics

    When you think of “Hot Topics,” you might initially think of movie star or a National Inquirer story. But, the reality is, we don’t have to look that far to find “Hot Topics” that affect...

    $35.00 - $70.00

  • Afterlife

    Two of the most talked about topics in the Bible are heaven and hell.  In this short 2-week sermon series, Bryant gives insight into what Jesus had to say about both places.  Afterlife (2) August...

    $10.00 - $20.00

  • The Fulfillment of God's Plan

    One of the truths of which we can always be sure is that God is never caught off guard.  He always has a plan.  This 4-week series elaborates on this fact by looking at some...

    $20.00 - $40.00

  • First Things First

    As we prioritize our lives, we always have a choice as to the order in which we place our “to-do’s.”  In this 3-week series, Bryant discusses the importance on which things we place as “firsts.”...

    $15.00 - $30.00

  • The Future of Israel

    The history of Israel, both Biblically and historically, has been a topic of interest to the world for thousands of years. In this power-packed 10-week series, “The Future of Israel”, Bryant takes us back to...

    $50.00 - $75.00

  • Essentials of the Faith

    This seven-part series reveals in detail what is important and essential to the Christian faith - things that we should understand and believe if we are followers of Jesus Christ. Jan 10Faith vs Fear in...

    $35.00 - $50.00

  • One Man's Journey of Faith

    One Man’s Journey of Faith If there ever was a story that speaks of God’s patience with and love for His people, this 10-week series taking us through the life of Abram (who later became...

    $50.00 - $75.00

  • The Spirit of Christmas

    The Spirit of Christmas (4 sermons) Oftentimes, in the rush of contemporary life, we not only pay little attention to why we celebrate Christmas, but we forget to be in awe of God’s amazing plan...

    $20.00 - $32.00

  • Intentional Living

    August 9Intentional Living: ClarityMark 1:14-18 August 16Intentional Living: Where to BeginLuke 24:29, Acts 1:12-14 August 23Intentional Living: Testimony of Faith2 Corinthians 5:17-21 August 30Intentional Living: GoGenesis 12:1-7, Exodus 3:1-17

    $20.00 - $40.00

  • Christian Marriage in Today's World

    Christian Marriage in Today's World Marriage is always a hot topic and, sadly, 50% of marriages, including Christian unions, end up in divorce. In this series, Bryant takes an in-depth look at what the Bible...

    $45.00 - $72.00

  • The Road to the Empty Tomb

    March 29Grand Entry, Troubled HeartLuke 19:28-44Bryant Wright April 5He is Not Here, He is Risen!Luke 24:1-12Bryant Wright

    $10.00 - $20.00

  • Is Healing For Real?

    March 8Faith Jesus NoticesLuke 7:1-10 March 15Needy People, Mighty GodLuke 9:37-45; Mark 9:28-29 March 22The Power to HealLuke 4:38-41

    $15.00 - $30.00

  • The Unstoppable Mission

    A little over 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ gathered His twelve specially chosen disciples.  And He gave them an unstoppable mission of taking the good news of Jesus Christ to every people group on the...

    $35.00 - $55.00

  • The Childhood of Jesus

    is a 3-week series that examines the childhood of Jesus from a human perspective, as well the fact that He was also the Sovereign Son of God.  November 30 Becoming a Man Luke 2:41-52 Thomas...

    $25.00 - $50.00

  • End Times

    An in-depth 10-week study into what Scripture says about the signs and prophecies of the Second Coming of Christ.  An often misunderstood and bewildering topic, it is a message that is both timely and essential...

    $50.00 - $75.00

  • Neighbors

    Who are our neighbors?  And how should we, as Christians, view them, treat them, and show them the love of Christ. August 10 Who is My Neighbor? Galatians 5:14 Bryant Wright   August 17 Brokenness...

    $15.00 - $30.00

  • Jonah

    a 4-week look at the story of Jonah, his unbelievable experience inside the belly of a large fish, and how, in spite of his initial desire to escape the will of God, Jonah received God's...

    $20.00 - $40.00

  • Faith That's Real

    What is faith all about?  Everyone has faith in something or someone.  This 6-week series speaks to the issue of real faith in God versus faith that is fictitious or fabricated.    April 27 The...

    $30.00 - $50.00

  • The Old Crosses the New

    In modern times, a new cross has appeared into popular evangelical circles.  It is like the old cross, but different: the likenesses are superficial, the differences, fundamental.  This study is a warning that, although new...

    $25.00 - $50.00

  • Jesus Teaching on Worry & Investments

    *Jesus' teaching on Worry & Investments*   *February 2, 2014* The Long Term View on Investing Matthew 6:19-21 Bryant Wright   *February 9, 2014* The Big Choice Matthew 6:24 Bryant Wright*   *February 16, 2014*...

    $15.00 - $30.00

  • It's Complicated

    Life is full of confusing things that can easily perplex us all.  Anger. Lust. Integrity.  It's Complicated looks deeply into these three enormous areas in which we all struggle and give us keys to dealing...

    $40.00 - $50.00

  • Happiness Is

    Taken straight from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount of Beatitudes, these messages give keen insight into what Jesus meant when He said, "Blessed [Happy] are..." They allow us to truly understand these oft-times misquoted and...

    $20.00 - $40.00

  • Truth in Troubled Times

    A frequent phrase teenagers use is, "Everyone else is doing it."  It is also a key reason adults give to justify bad behavior.  And it's true - lots of people ARE doing things in direct...

    $25.00 - $50.00

  • Storytellers

    We all have stories.  Each of our stories is different - no two are a like.  That's easy to understand.  This series of sermons shows us not only how to use our own life experiences...

    $35.00 - $50.00

  • Prophecy of Jesus Birth

    The Old Testament is literally filled with prophecy that not only describes the characteristics of the coming Messiah, but goes into details about how and where He would be born.  This 4-week series helps us...

    $20.00 - $40.00

  • Legacy

    Everyone is going to leave a legacy when they die.  It is up to each of us as to what that legacy will be.  This 4-week study tells us how important that legacy is.  November...

    $20.00 - $40.00

  • Elevate-High Expectations of the Father

    In this fast paced world in which we live, it's easy to over-obligate ourselves.  When this happens, everything suffers.  This 10-week series is a reminder that to be better Christians, we have to elevate our...

    $35.00 - $50.00

  • Contemporary American Values

    This 13-week series compares the contemporary American church to ancient Israel, where each man sought to do what was right in his own eyes. This is why the church today has so little influence on...

    $50.00 - $75.00

  • Here We Grow

    July 31, 2011 Here We Grow Ephesians 4:1-16 John Herring


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